Complete and comprehensive localisation services

For more than 10 years, our linguistic expertise, technical and artistic knowledge in recording the most beautiful voices combined with considerable experience in managing complex localisation projects have made us a recognised industry leader in providing localisation services for MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games).
Our goal is to provide you with complete, comprehensive localisation services that will address all your project needs and requirements. We will provide you maximum support while accompanying you through the whole globalisation process for your products and services.

MMORPG Department

Our dedicated and passionate team is specialised in the management and localisation of projects containing up to several million words within a very competitive time frame.
Our project managers are all gamers who are intimately familiar with the MMO universe.


Our services, provided by a specialised team, include: translation, proofreading, reviewing and editing, ensuring terminology consistency and managing glossaries and translation memories. Delivering quality work and meeting deadlines are our top priority. Translators will play the game when possible, visit forums and consult any other relevant sources of information in order to immerse themselves in the project. They are also fully trained in the use of CAT software, particularly Trados, which facilitates the translation and optimises consistency throughout the entire project.

Project management and approval

Smooth and efficient project coordination is the key to success. We guarantee a dedicated and proactive project manager will supervise your project personally and proofread and approve all translations. This way, you are in contact with someone who knows your project from A to Z and with whom you can communicate regularly and constructively.

Voice recording

The Shugos of Aion, the goblins of Warhammer Online and the Charrs from Guild Wars - not to mention Conan himself - have all come to life in the expert hands of our studios' sound engineers and artistic directors.

Besides our work on major MMO games, our studios' expertise has also received acclaim for projects such as:
- the Assassin's Creed franchise
- the Bioshock franchise
- the Call of Duty franchise
- the Tomb Raider franchise
- numerous Dreamworks projects!
- ...and many other amazing games!







Compliance with glossaries

Adaptability to constraints

Compliance with deadlines

Faithfulness to the project

MMORPG spirit

Team consisting of gamers

A unique project manager

Press reviews

You'll even notice that the quality of the translated text is more than commendable with regard to the quests and the very interesting background description of Aion.

These contextual quests force players to change their habits and diversify the action while positively strengthening the overall atmosphere of the game, something that has already been well accomplished by the music, the dialogues full of humour and a slight sense of kitsch that takes us back to the days of the first classic superheroes.

Did you know that...

Our largest project consisted of more than 4 million words?
We have translated (in an exceptional case) 1.2 million words in 1 month?
We have been playing MMO games for over 10 years?
We speak dwarf, goblin, pirate and alien languages fluently?


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