French and German translation & voices

"You'll even notice that the quality of the translated text is more than commendable with regard to all aspects of the quests and the very interesting background description of Aion."


French translation & voices

"The localisation was performed beautifully, particularly the French voices, which are absolutely brilliant; they are spot-on (especially the Goblins), full of humour and make the whole game incredibly convincing."

Sci-fi Universe

French voices

"You'll also discover that King Conan's voice is that of Arnold Schwarzenegger's French dubber. The rest of the casting shows the same high quality."


Some of our MMO & RPG projects
For contractual reasons we cannot mention some other key publishers we work with or display some projects.
Dark Souls Namco-Bandaï French - German
Mythos Frogster French - German - Polish - Turkish
RIFT Trion Worlds French - German
Demon's Souls Namco-Bandaï French - German
Champions Online Atari French - German
Magna Carta 2 Atari French
Venetica DTP French
Demigod Atari French
Divinity 2 - Ego Draconis DTP French
Drakensang - The Dark Eye DTP French
Aion NCsoft French
Age of Conan Eidos French
Warhammer Online - Age of Reckoning GOA French
Guild Wars - Eye of the North NCsoft French
Tabula Rasa NCsoft French - German
Lock's Quest THQ French
The Witcher Atari French - German
Guild Wars - Nightfalls NCsoft French
Dark Age of Camelot - Labyrinth of the Minotaur GOA French
Dark Age of Camelot - Darkness Rising GOA French
Auto Assault NCsoft French
City of Villains NCsoft French
Guild Wars - Factions NCsoft French
Planetside Ubisoft French
Dark Age of Camelot - Catacombs GOA French
City of Heroes NCsoft French - German
Guild Wars NCsoft FIGS
Beyond Divinity Focus Home Interactive French
Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 2 Interplay French
Spellforce Pointsoft French
Dark Age of Camelot - Foundations GOA French
Dark Age of Camelot - Trials of Atlantis GOA French
Dark Age of Camelot - Shrouded Isles GOA French
Anarchy Online Focus Home Interactive French
Dark Age of Camelot GOA French - German - English
Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance Interplay French
Icewind Dale 2 Interplay French
Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal Interplay French
Incewind Dale - Heart of Winter Interplay French
Skies of Arcadia Sega French
Art of Magic Virgin Interactive French
Deus Ex Eidos French
Starcraft - Brood War Cendant French
Heroes of Might and Magic III Ubisoft French
  Press reviews
These contextual quests force players to change their habits and diversify the action while positively strengthening the overall atmosphere of the game, something that has already been well accomplished by the music, the dialogues full of humour and a slight sense of kitsch that takes us back to the days of the first classic superheroes.
Champions Online

The localisation of the French version is excellent, and the game has been translated in its entirety-a first for an MMORPG of this sort.
Dark Age of Camelot

The plus point: good French translation.
Demon's Souls

The medievalesque music is very fitting, the ambient sounds are quite appropriate overall and the French version is convincing. The quests are numerous and well written.

Impeccable translation.

The translation is good.
Dark Age of Camelot - Shrouded Isles


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